Celebrating Japanese Beauty: Calligraphy Workshop for Families, Welcoming International Parents and Children

Date: March 3rd (Sunday), Hina Matsuri, 1:00 PM –
Location: Seishin Central Hall (Art Space)
1-1 Nadeshiko Geijutsu Bunka Center, Mikata-dai 1-1, Nishi-ku, Kobe, Hyogo
3 minutes on foot from Seishin Central Station
Participation Fee: ¥1,000 per person
Separate fee for calligraphy paper (Choose from hanging scroll, colored paper, or hand fan).
Eligibility: Children as young as two years old can participate. Foreign students, travelers, and the general public are also welcome!

Creating Beautiful Moments Together as a Family

On March 3rd, in celebration of Hina Matsuri, Seishin Central Hall will host a special workshop for families to enjoy. Participants will choose characters they wish to write, indulge in the relaxing aroma while grinding ink, and practice writing on traditional Japanese paper (hanshi). To conclude, they will select their preferred calligraphy item (hanging scroll, colored paper, hand fan, etc.) and elegantly transcribe their characters.

The session concludes with participants sharing a delightful moment over tea and Japanese sweets. The participation fee is ¥1,000 per person, and children as young as two years old are encouraged to join. International students are also warmly welcomed. Come and experience the beauty of Japan while creating joyful memories with your family.




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